About Portcullis Alarms

Nigel Ward, founder of Portcullis Alarms

Friendly local service

A local business, established and based in Lyme Regis by Nigel Ward with over 15 years experience in the security industry, we offer secure, reliable security systems for yourself, your home or your business. We truly know how to offer a local, personal service to our customers and thanks to the high number of referrals we receive, we also continue  to deliver that local, outstanding customer service time after time. 

All of our intruder alarms and personal alarms are monitored which ensures that no alarm activation is ever ignored.

As soon as an emergency occurs either you and/or your key holders are notified immediately - either by our alarm receiving centre or another approved method. Early notification of a detected intrusion into your home means that you have plenty of time to return and secure your property. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed for up to 12 months.


"I feel so much safer with my Portcullis Alarm"        KB, Lyme Regis 

"it took a day to fit our alarm and explain it all to us. Superb service from Portcullis"      PO, Lyme Regis

"My personal panic button is a lifeline. I never leave home without it and always know that someone will help me if I fall or ned help"         TH, Sidmouth

"Nigel was superb. His friendly, helpful nature was so welcome and we will never use anyone else for our security" BN, Seaton

Protect your home

Wireless technology

Do you need the assurance of a secure system protecting your home, with minimum fuss and now messy wires? Then we haver the answer with  the latest technology in intruder alarm systems and personal protection devices. Some come with  up to 5 year battery life and all of our systems can be tailored to your family requirements and still provide you and your loved ones with the high level of security that you have come to expect from Portcullis Alarms.

All our alarms are monitored so that no activation is ever ignored, meaning you and your key holders are notified as soon as an intrusion is detected so that you have plenty of time to return and secure your property.

Protect your business

Peace of mind when you leave the premises

We believe that prevention is the answer to protecting your business assets. As an authorised installer of security systems from High Security Group we tailor every security solution to the size and scope of your business. All High Security Group alarm installations are SSAIB approved.

You can combine this system with wireless CCTV, access control and fire prevention systems to ensure absolute peace of mind for your business.

Protect your loved ones

Maintain their independence while keeping them safe

Relax knowing that you have the protection of a care system in your own home from Portcullis Alarms. We offer three system types - Platinum, Gold and Roaming - to suit your lifestyle.

System can be fully installed in the home or carried with you wherever you go and always monitored 24 hours a day. No alarm activation is ignored. All of our home based systems can be expanded to provide protection against fire, personal attack and burglary.

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