Personal protection

Maintain your independence

You don't have to be old or infirm to use a portable personal alarm. Now you can relax knowing that you have the protection of a reliable protection system in your pocket, car or hand from Portcullis Alarms.  

Our GSM personal alarms are portable, trackable and will alert your nominated contacts or our alarm monitoring centre if you ever need help. Unlike cheaper audible alarms, our alarm never goes ignored. 

Portcullis Alarms sells a range of portable devices, all of which transmit  a silent alarm in the event of an emergency, which in turn sends a help signal straight to our alarm monitoring centre or to your nominated emergency contacts. 

Help is just a press away

Simply attach the tracker to your key ring or wear it as a neck pendant. 

In the event of an emergency just press the SOS button and a call is placed instantly with our alarm monitoring centre. The monitoring centre will know exactly where you are located and will open a two way conversation with you to assess the danger and send the appropriate help to you.

Know someone who wanders?

If you want to know where the person you care about has gone, simply send text message to  their tracker and you will be sent a google map link with their location.

Key Features and benefits

Personal alarm with two-way calling

Entering a tricky situation or unfamiliar area? Press the amber alert call button and open a two-way audio link with either your nominated contact or our monitoring station - our operator will monitor audio activity during an amber alert. When the danger is over, simply end the amber alert call.

In an emergency just press the SOS button and a silent alarm signal is then transmitted - silent alarms ensure that your safety is never compromised. 

You can then either speak to your nominated emergency contacts or to an operator from our monitoring centre.

Unlike an audible portable shrill type alarm we know where you are and we answer every call,  sending help when it is needed. We know where you are thanks to the GPS tracker built into your alarm. 

 Fall detection

One benefit of our system is that we include FREE fall detection.  If you fall then our device will send an emergency signal to notify your contacts or our monitoring team that you need help. All done automatically for you.

Set up and ready to use straight out of the box

Once purchased our customer service team will contact you and build your emergency button according to your needs, including programming your emergency contacts (or our monitoring station) details straight into the device.  

Your alarm is then dispatched directly to you and ready to use straight out of the box.