Wireless CCTV

Monitoring your home has become a lot easier in recent years. Our completely wire free CCTV system gives you control of what is going on around your home from the palm of your hand.

HD quality pictures streamed seamlessly straight to your smartphone or desktop computer at the office. Instant alerts mean that you will never again miss a delivery, or attempted intrusion into your home.

The system is controlled from your smartphone and is activated as soon as movement around your home is detected. The cameras can be positioned virtually anywhere to give you the best possible viewing opportunity.

Wireless technology means the system does not need power so it is perfect for remote buildings, farms, outhouses, gardens and much more. The cameras are fully waterproof and ideal for rugged locations.

For a truly flexible, mess-free installation, call us today on 01297 445897 or email us at: response@portcullisalarms.co.uk

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The system requires connection to your home or office broadband and the internal control unit needs a power socket. Smartphone app and 7 day recording is FREE of charge for up to 5 cameras. Subscription fees apply for 6 or more cameras or 8 or more days recording. Coverage subject to broadband.